At Inclusive Volunteering, we are passionate about working with people with disabilities of all ages, including young people who are preparing or have just left school, or older people who are looking for volunteer opportunities. Our aim is to allow people with disabilities the chance to gain valuable life skills within the workforce that could extend to a job placement.

School Leavers’ Pathway Package

The School Leaver Pathway Package is a supported internship type program specifically designed for young people with disabilities who are just about to leave, or who have recently left school.

Aims of the Program

Assisting young people with disability to:

  • choose a career pathway
  • set both short and long-term goals with relation to their chosen career pathway
  • identify the skills they will need, to pursue the career pathway they have chosen
  • develop the skills they will need to pursue their chosen career pathway
  • to choose a mentor to assist them to work towards their goals

Possible Benefits

  • It provides real-life experience valued by employers
  • Promotes independence and gives participants a voice
  • Challenges values and attitudes
  • Assists in breaking down barriers to inclusion
  • Collaborate with both the participant and their sponsoring organisation to develop a learning experience that will meet the needs of both parties
  • Gives the participant the opportunity for career exploration, build networks and develop new skills.

Criteria for School Leavers Pathway Package

  • Be a school leaver and have a diagnosed disability
  • Be committed to a preferred career pathway (this is a requirement if a person wants to receive a funding package)
  • Be prepared to set short and long-term goals, relating to their career aspirations
  • Be prepared to commit to the program for 3 months
  • Be committed to developing new skills and competencies
  • Prepared to work with a mentor

For individuals with higher needs extended mentoring sessions can be organised, contact Mel


Adult Mentoring Program

The Adult Mentoring Program is a Mentoring Program for adults with disabilities, aged from 25 to 40, who wish to make a valuable contribution to their community.

Possible Benefits of Adults Mentoring Program

  • It helps organisations/businesses to see the benefits of having volunteers with disabilities
  • It helps organisations/businesses to become more “disability confident”
  • It gives the volunteer the opportunity to build networks
  • It gives the volunteer the opportunity to develop new skills
  • It is a way of finding out what kind of support requirements the volunteer will need in the workplace.
  • Promotes independence and choice for participants
  • Assists in breaking down barriers to inclusion by challenging values and attitudes.

Outline for Programs

  1. Mentoring
    Profile Development
    My Goals Plan
    Skills Analysis
  2. Work Placement
    Identify Support Needs
    Job Matching
    Workplace Orientation
  3. Skills Development Program – 3 months
    Training Needs Analysis
    Training Program per week
    Mentoring per month